Choose one of our proven media assets

Brand-led Campaigns

Bespoke campaigns within a flexible format. With fully branded POS, make your brand the hero of the campaign.

Use any or all of the full breadth of channels available within all promotional periods (unless a head-to-head brand is already signed up to the SPAR-led campaign for that fixture)

SPAR-led events

High value campaigns within a structured format

• SPAR-led major campaigns for each of the major events
• The full range of SPAR promotional channels is engaged. Benefit from in-store theatre on a templated, shared asset basis, exclusive POS within ‘your’ fixture, digital activations, and in-store radio

SPAR Digital Selections

Tie in-store to digital. Pick 3+ options from the digital selection:

• Social media outreach - facebook, twitter, instagram
• Bi-weekly email
• Online competitions - via email and social media
• Product features - on
• Blog post - on
• Recipe - on

Retail Facing Assets

Reach store owners and RDC teams directly

• SPAR run in-house communications to both colleagues and store managers on a regular basis.
• SPAR Today
• APT Portal
• Space is available within those formats as a bundled option.

SPAR Radio

We help create a bespoke advert, up to 30s, played hourly for 6 hours, every day of the campaign.
Choose from the three time slots the one that will most effectively reach your target audience.

More opportunities with SPAR Radio:
• Radio Show Sponsorship – your brand is name-checked at the end of each event bulletin
• Radio Takeover - the show becomes yours - think Radio 'mybrand'